Windows 10 Disk Management

Windows 10 Disk Management – Get start with Windows 10 Disk Management to perform advance storage task such as initiate new hard drive, change drive letter, troubleshoot drive error etc.

What is Windows 10 Disk Management?

Windows 10 disk management is a logical disk manager inbuilt utility in windows 10 to perform all advanced storage task. It is also available in Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows XP in other version as well.

With windows 10 disk management, all the task such as partitioning a hard drive, initializing a new drive, expanding drive volume, shrinking drive volume, changing drive letter, free up space on drive and troubleshoot drive problem can be performed.. To perform this task disk management should be opened as administrator.

Open Windows 10 Disk Management

To open windows 10 disk management, follow below steps

  1. Press Windows+X, Select Settings and then Accounts
  2. Change account type to administrator
  3. Now Press Windows+R and Type diskmgmt.msc and Press Enter
  4. Disk Management will open.

Open Windows 10 Disk Management using Command Prompt

  1. Press Windows + R,
  2. Type CMD and Press Enter
  3. Type diskmgmt.msc and Press enter
  4. Disk Management will open

How to use Windows 10 disk Management?

Windows 10 Disk Management is a Windows utility that you can use to perform all the below tasks.

  • Initialize New Drive
  • Expand Drive volume
  • Shrink drive volume
  • Change drive letter
  • Format Drive
  • Partition Drive
  • Free up Space
  • Troubleshoot drive problems

To preform all above task, open Windows 10 disk management as a administrator.